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New Jersey Here I Am... - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
New Jersey Here I Am...
Well, I made my 17hour drive to NJ. I'm in a nice apartment in Fort
Lee. I'm tired, my back aches, and I'm now on the search for new local

Yesterday I arrived in NJ at approx 10am. I started
unpacking and getting my stuff where I need it. That night I went to
Aldo & Gianni's for dinner with my Aunt. I didn't get to sleep
until about 1:30am. note: I was up from 9am the day before so do the
math....9am Friday - 1:30am Sunday = 40.5 hours straight that I was
awake and actually full of energy to that last second of 1:30am when I
kinda forced myself to sleep. Of course my friend Alli didn't help :-P

was nice. I continued unpacking and have only a couple small things
left to unpack. I went to dinner at a family friend's place. An
Italian Xmas dinner....need I say more? XD I'm stuffed &
exhausted. Dad flew in and got there late but thats ok, less
competition on the hors d'oveurs (sp?). They have a dog that is sooooo
adorable. Since I can't play with my Shayna anymore I told them I would
probably be over a lot to play with their dog. I miss my Shayna
sooooooooo much. /cry I just want to lay next to her and cuddle her.

I'm about to pass out so I will cut short here. I have to goto work
tomorrow....gotta be up @ 6am and won't be home until 6:30 or
7pm....it'll be one long damn day....well, I'll be back here to yap good
or bad about it if I'm not so exhausted that I pass out.

Until next time ;-)

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