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Sleepless in Jupiter - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Sleepless in Jupiter
Yeah so I got sick just before my trip....figgures huh? I don't have a
full blown cold or anything though. it was more like a 24hr bug. I
decided to unpack my lappy just so i could come on here and complain
about not being able to sleep :-P

In the meantime I'm watching
Adult Swim. I will miss my friends down here, but if they really
are/were my friends I am sure they will KiT one way or another.

Well, I should try and get some sleep even if I can't....I have a busy few
days ahead of me. If you want, feel free to call my cell Friday night
or Saturday morning to make sure I'm still awake on the road....I will
be on the road from 5pm Friday until about 7am Saturday.

Emotional Output: awake awake
Boombox Presents: TV: Ghost in the Shell

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