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Reality Bytes - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Reality Bytes
Hey everyone!

I'm gonna start with the sad stuff, go to the happy stuff then back to the sad which is seemingly inevitable...I lay here
in my room, on my laptop, with 4 white walls, a bed, and a TV. It's
really white and plain and boring. No posters, no clothes lying around,
nothing... I never really imagined this room ever being like this once I
moved back in. My bathroom in also the same save for some necessities
needed for use before I leave. My office on the otherhand is still a
disaster area! Boxes and belongings thrown all around. The walls are
stripped of my posters and certificates. Only thing still on the wall
is my 2005 Inu Yasha calendar. I should be completely finished packing
by Saturday evening....hopefully...

On the brighter side of life, I spent the whole day today with my PAMMIE!!!! <3 I love her sooooo
much! I showed up around 11am. She was still in her PJs tee hee! Once
Jeanie woke up, we all hung out for a bit and decided to goto the mall.
I don't remember ever going to that mall and of course I forget which
mall it was hahahah! We went to a few different stores...Hot topic,
Suncoast, and a few others. I bought a really cool Inu Yasha shirt,
2006 Inu Yasha Calendar, and an Otaku Staff shirt from Suncoast. Jeanie
bought me a shirt that said "I scored with the princess" and had Mario
dragging the princess across the shirt!!! <3 Jeanie!!! Pammie got me
an Inu Yasha doll for Chanukah(choice of sp?). It has a suction cup so
you can put it in the car, but I think I will curl up in bed with it
tonight! It is sooo cool :) I ended up in tears (well hidden since I'm
a manly man and am not supposed to show weakness :-P) when I had to say
goodbye. I didn't want to let go. I could hold Pam in my arms

I have very few special friends, but the ones I have
are all unique. I guess it's because of my wide view of ppl and open
mind. some of my special friendships are physical, mental, emotional,
cyberiffic, etc... Every one is totally unique from any other. Those
who are in my group of special friends are people who will probably,
hopefully, be in my life forever. Even if the going gets rough and
contact is lost over time, I am almost definite that it will be
re-established throughout my journey called life.

As of right now, my trip to NJ is as follows: Thursday, Dec 22nd, I will leave my
house sometime in the morning...I hope no later than 9 or 10am. If
possible I will stop in O-town to say hi to Carlie!!!! Then off to Ocala
to spend the rest of the day and part of Friday with Laura and
Jason!!!! Friday, depending ont he time I leave, should be roughly 12-14
hours to NJ depending on traffic, weather, my attention span, and if I
make any other detours to see ppl. I should arrive in NJ sometime early
to mid morning on Saturday the 24th. I have no problem making the trip
by myself. I actually look forward to it. i will have my cell phone
and earpiece so I can talk for hours to anyone wanting to talk :) Be
sure to call me the night of the 23rd morning of the 24th if you should
be awake during the wee hours so you can help keep me awake as well :P

I have hundreds of thoughts zipping through my mind now. What will I do?
Where will I go? What will I make of myself? Is this all worth it? Will
I ever find true happiness? will I end up living to work or keep
working to live? So many questions, so few answers. These don't even
begin to scratch the surfae of what my mind wants to know...

With that, I say goodnight all and Happy Holidays in the event that I don't or can't post before my trip.

Emotional Output: contemplative contemplative
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