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December 22nd is the date! - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
December 22nd is the date!
Well, I'm excited to get a move on outta Florida! My stay in FL (9
years) is now over and I will be returning to the life of a city boy. I
must say, being a country boy wasn't bad...I did a lot down here and
have a lot of good memories that I will take with me!!! There's no doubt
that I will be lost up north, atleast the first 2-3 weeks while I
adjust to the climate, changed roads and ifrastructure, different
people, and overall environment. No more class schedules! No more
annoying professors blabbing about stuff they really don't know about!
No more written exams! Best of all, I will get money for showing up to
work rather than paying money to show up to class. Next time I pay
money to have to show up somewhere it better yield a high return or come
with a blowjob...

yeah... So I just threw out 3 of those huge
black trashbags of stuff that I no longer needed or didn't want to bring
on my trip up or even put in storage. I'm trimming down everything! I
haven't found anything particularly useful or I would save it and give
it to anyone who may need it. I'm still trying to figgure out what to
do with my aquarium. I will ask a neighbor if she wants anything from
the tank. I fear I may just have to drop everything off at the pet shop
and tell them to have a good time with it. I will miss them very much

Basically I'm 50% packed in my office and 75% packed in my
bedroom. ALMOST DONE! The hardest part is making that decision to keep
or get rid of...

I am trying to keep myself available until the
21st in case anyone wants to hang out before I leave. Here's some stuff
for you to know:

http://www.livejournal.com/users/onyxravine/ -deleted
AIM & AOL Mail:

you want my cell number, grab me online or send me a message and I'll
give it to you. Time to get back to packing! Catch ya later!


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