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Boxes on Boxes on Boxes...OMG they never STOP! - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Boxes on Boxes on Boxes...OMG they never STOP!
Yeah, so I have about 16 boxes spread between my bedroom and office. It's INSANE! I never thought packing would be so crazy.

gets a little difficult at times. Once in a while I find something
from the past, whether it be from a relationship, friendship, activity,
whatever and I sit and think for a few mins about the good and bad times
associated with it and the people involved. I'm trying not to stay too
attached to stuff I really don't need, but it is difficult to let go
sometimes and I just want to keep everything! I found a picture of me
and Brian from my induction into Phi Theta Kappa. I was soooo happy
that night! I couldn't have asked for anyone else to be there that
night. I really miss him a lot! I also found some other stuff laying
around... a dragon kris from one of my ex's at Stetson (not sure if I
will keep this or not....I probably will since I like swords and daggers
and the sort. I found various pictures of me and past friends...many
of whom I lost contact with after highschool and after Stetson. Even
some more recently from PBCC. I guess I'm a little bit of a packrat. I
like to hold onto everythign even if I know I must let go sometimes.

of letting go....the most difficult thing for me to let go of will be
my aquarium. Some ppl tell me fish aren't a pet cause you can't pet
them or hug them, etc... I find this quite to the contrary. Maybe my
fish are special, but mine will play around if you stick your hand in
the tank, my shrimp will come play and jump from finger to finger if you
let them glide along the surface. Watching new corals blossom and
seeing all the small critters that inhabit cracks in the rocks and only
come out at night is just so fascinating! Feeding time is always
exciting!!! I guess you have to own an aquarium to understand... I've
had my fair share of tanks....It all started with a 10 gallon tank at
Stetson and gosh darnit now I'm up to 55gallons with an abundance of

I notice i mention Stetson a lot lately...I don't
really know why...maybe it's because it was one of the more exciting
times in my life until I started boxing myself in up there. I have a
habit of doing that and I really don't like it. Just when things start
getting exciting, something goes majorly wrong and i box up and close
out the world. I guess I look to my move as a way to start life
over...a clean start with new people, new environment, etc...

enough talking about my move... Mom and I took a bike ride (bicycles
not motorcycles) around the community today. We're spending more time
together most likely because of my move (doh I mentioned moving again!).
I know I'll miss her, but I'm at a point in my life where I want to
make money, be able to go out and have a good time, and come home either
by myself or with someone else and not have to worry about my folks
being in the house. I mean seriously....who needs one of your parents
knocking on your door when you want to get laid right?

I will
definately miss my bike (motorcycle this time) when I go up north. Dad
and I are planning a ride in April though to actually ride the bikes
from FL all the way up to NJ. It will probably be a 4 day trip since we
won't do more than 350 miles a day. Your butt will get quite numb
after a while LOL. This will be the test to see if we are real riders
hahahaha! If we can survive 4 days of riding we've got it made. I do
plan on getting involved in the HOG chapter up north, possibly even
running for a position as an officer (since I enjoy being an officer in
clubs and group stuff. A little surprising since I hate political

Well, I'm off to pack more again...I can't wait till
I'm done! Then all I will have left is one little bag to trow in the
car of whatever clothes aren't packed that I will still wear for the
next 2 weeks. Catch y'all l8r!


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