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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Hey everyone!

Unlike the simplicity of the subject, This is
actually quite the post! There is a lot going on in my life and now
that I'm crawling out of the hole in the ground I dug myself into, I
have a very positive outlook on the future.

Yesterday I paid a
visit to my local U-Haul store and bought a bunch of boxes, all
different sizes. I already packed 90% of my clothes in boxes ready for
my move. For those who don't yet know, I am moving to NY/NJ as soon as
this semester is over. I am finally going to start my life, anew! I
will be up in NY, working in my father's business, finally making a
decent paycheck and enjoying the finer things in life. Seriously
though, how could I complain? Florida (no offense to anyone who likes
it) is nothing but a flattened out wasteland for old people to die.
There is nothing here for me(friends not included). In NY, I will stay
in my dad's apartment until I can afford my own place (or possibly in my
own place depending on how things play out, not te mention my dad will
only be there every other week so it's like having my own place), I am
single, good looking, have a great future, and have the flex to do my
own business deals aside from just the store. I've already dreamed
about the house I want and all the things I will do to it when I can
afford to do so :) I know I will meet lots of people out there...I had
some nightmares as well like my Aunt taking me to clubs all the time
trying to hook me up with ppl....LOLZ! I guess things sometimes work
out for the best. Even if the journey is painful the pit stops along
the way are usually rewarding.

So I've given up on
graduating...I will pass 3 of my 5 classes this term. I needed to pass
all 5 to graduate. Whatever...Academia is the biggest waste of a
person's time there is. This may not be the same in other states, but
in Florida, academics are a joke....You have a bunch of professors with
Doctorate degrees that never had any real world business experience.
They teach you by the book, which is often wrong, they try to make a
simulation, which often fails, and they count attendance as if you were a
fucking 8 year old in elementary school. Spare me. My order of
priorities is Family, Income, Education, Fun, and with my moving up
north, simply remove the education and we're all set. Anyway, Florida
will end up burying itself with it's totally retarded legal and
educations systems which I will no longer talk about.

WOW! Yeah I can't leave out World of Warcraft! I run a guild called Terminal Corruption. http://www.terminalc.net
is the website. I invite anyone who has a Horde character on the
Gorefiend server to join my guild. We will be ready for ZG soon and
hopefully MC not long after.

One last thing I would like to
talk about before I go....my dad. I know I've bitched and moaned about
my folks and how they've treated me in the past, but you know
what....they're alright. Sure, mom still thinks I'm her 6 year old
baby, but she wouldn't be much of a mo if she didn't right? Now dad,
that's a whole other story. Lately he's shown me a great deal of
respect and I've been flattered and shocked by it. He often asks me how
I feel about certain decisions and even takes my advice!!! We were in
the cigar store the other day and he asked me which one I wanted...of
course I laughed thinking he was joking, but he gave me one of his and
we sat and had a smoke. It really felt good to sit at an even level
with him and not feel like he was talking down to me or trying to push
rules on me. I look forward to spending lots of time with him up north.

Well, that's all for tonight! Everyone please be safe and drink responsibly! If needed, get a designated driver!!!!


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