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Interesting day today... - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Interesting day today...
Well, first off, Happy Birthday elarose! :) ::glomps::

So, I spent a few hours in the Burrow today. Played a lot of Super smash Bros!!! I love that game! I got there early in anticipation of meeting moonbelle today. I just about gave up on waiting, but couldn't leave since I was supposed to be in a study group in the early afternoon....3ish I think it was.

We're working on a marketing/repositioning strategy for Kmart. It sure beats the other groups projects though. So we did or whole study group thingymadingy... not long after we finished ecob came by and started talking to me. We watched some AMVs until the rest of the study group left.

Not logn after that Pam came by!!! Along with Pam came Jeanie!!!!!!! and a few other ppl. I was pretty excited to see Jeanie as I thought she either forgot I was in the Burrow or decided to withdraw her intentions and just not show up at all. We all gathered around the N64 and everyone tried to bring me down....lol. Pikachu is superior...Fear teh Pika! It was a little uncomfortable having everyone around and not really being able to talk to Jeanie... I did get a hug before she left (either i didn't creep her out or she is good at hiding it, lol) and it was a very warm hug... Different from most I've received in the past. We finally started talking a little and of course everyone else wanted to leave and they dragged her away with them :( Ohwell...I do believe I heard "see you this weekend" so that was a good sign :-D

Time to check up on the weather channel and make sure it will be a nice weekend still :) If I can I want to go out both days (Sat & Sun), but we'll see...I also have to figgure out who is coming...

P.S. Thanks for all the AMV's Misty! :-D

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