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Preparing for the worst... - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Preparing for the worst...
Well, I'm decided to lock down my assets and prepare for the worst...

So, I think I will have a class to retake next term. How shitty.... Ohwell we'll see as it all depends on the final exam.

So I'm now on the prowl and hunting. yay! Wonder who I might come upon in the future :) I already have a target in view, but I don't thikn she feels the same way...The potential may be there though and we'll see how things play out.

I'm so excited!!!! I saw Ashley last night! I missed her soooooo much! Gotta play catchup with her soon....she owes me some hangout time lol!!!

I'm relieved that Jeanie is ok! I wish you well on your exams! I know you can do it :)

So, my parents both now know that Izzy and I broke up. In a way it's kind of relieving. Mom was understanding and for a moment, Dad wasn't talking down to me and was compassionate and caring. Mom keeps bugging me for the details...I dunno what to tell her. All I can say is we went our seperate ways and that's just how it is. I guess in a way I've known for a long time this would happen and just didn't want to admit it.

Oh! I'm gonna head over to campus tonight. I was told to bring my N64....lol I'm a game whore hahahah! I'm also going to the Sabbath Dinner tonight sponsored by Hillel on campus. That should be exciting!

Lastly for now...my ex keeps wondering why I act wierd aroud her... Lets see it wouldn't happen to be because she shoveled shit in my face when I offered her the world now would it? I promised I would be civil and even try to act as a friend, but at this point in time it is very difficult, especially with so many things going on. Of course I'm distancing my self from her. If I meet someone new I don't want to start a relationship with the person wondering about my intetions and if I would go back to her at any random time. I would think if she had the intention of being understanding she would understand that we have 4 classes together and are both officers of a campus club and it is difficult for me to deal with such massively mixed emotions.

Well, anyways SWM23FL here if anyone's interested :-P More info is on the profile!

-Pika out

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