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Happy Thanksgiving! - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2004, 17:35
Ok, so I'm 2 days late...lol. Been busy with turkey day and all so I didn't have time to post.

So, I beat Half Life 2 in 2 days. It was pathetic. Sure the graphix were out of this world, but the storyline had much to be desired, some areas were just long and boring, and the ending was not much dfferent from the original Half Life. Overall, I give HL2 a C and don't really think it was worth buying the gold package and I also don't think it was worth the 1 1/2 year delay.

In other realms, I now have World of Warcraft! WoW is all I can say! WC3 graphix which are cool. I have a lvl 13 Night Elf Druid on the Earthen Ring server and a lvl 10 Taurean Druid on Argent Dawn. I gave a shot to all three different types of servers and found the RPG to be the most stimulating. There are oodles of quests to do and tons of things to see. Servers have been for the most part stable with the exception of outages to maintenance which can boil your bubble if you're really into a quest.

Enough with the games, so here's the latest scoop in life...

Wednesday night was my parent's 32nd anniversary. Amazing how they stayed together for so long. I only hope the rest of their years together can be at peace and not in war. Oh, one thing substantial did happen tonight. I drank some wine that was as old as I am...I'm born in 1981, this wine was born in 1982. It was actually super good! Anyone for a guess on the price? lol It was up there!

I went to my grandma's for Turkey dinner and of course my mother didn't go. Yet another split Thanksgiving on the day people are supposed to be together as families. It went well. My grandma though I was sad and approached me about it. I didn't understand why she thought that. I mean it's a little tough having been out of the loop for so long and now being submerged into it again. Everyone welcomed me there, so I had no reason for shyness or upset feelings that I could think of.

Tonight I am going to "The Club" for the first time in a long time for dinner. It's Prime Rib night...and all I want is a friggin salad...rabbit food. If it was convenient and cheap enough, I would eat salad 2-3 times a day, but meat is all too easy to get. Whether it be turkey, chicken, steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, pork chops, etc... you see where I'm going... And often times a big greasy hamburger is half the price of a small salad. That reall cooks my noodle cause salad is dirt cheap and preparation is nothing (unless I have to make it) :-P

Well, I'm off to dinner. Cya!

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