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Blah! - PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
It's been a long couple of weeks...

I decided to run for the Board of Directors in my community. I don't know how that is going to turn out, but tonight is candidates night and we're supposed to meet and discuss what we would do in certain situations. I'm assuming smacking ppl on the head with frying pans is not a viable answer so I don't quite know what I'll say haha! I'm sure I'll post more about this after tonight.

Dad's got his anger misdirected at me again....it's amazing how he screws up and takes t out on me all the time. I can deal with many different types of stress and even learned to adapt to changes in different stress patterns. However, this is one type of stress I just can't deal with well....my whole body goes out of whack when he yells at me, especially when I know he's wrong or he's lying. He never wants to listen to me and blames every bad thing with the business on me. Meanwhile, truth be told, he is at the root of every bad deal that has happened in the past few months and I'm the one that gets dumped on over it. Often I wonder, if the economy wasn't in such shit....would I still be here?

Not to say I could be happy at a different job at this stage in my life. My job is enjoyable for the most part...I look forward to being in here in the morning and even though it's almost an 11 hour day, 5 days a week plus 8 hours on Saturday, I usually go home and unwind knowing that accomplishments were made during the day. Plus, if I were to leave and have to start over somewhere else, I'd probably have to either give up the house or just stop eating LOL.

Add a stomach bug to this equation and you can see I'm pretty down and out today. When I feel like this I wish I could just stay home...

Until next time...

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