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PikaDemon's World

As the world turns...

Pika Demon
5 May
They call me PikaDemon. You call me PikaDemon. I call myself... Well I'm not tellin just yet! :)

Konnichi wa! My name is Josh! Many of my interests are listed below, not all though. I'm friendly, often easy going and always looking to meet new people and make new friends. If you share any of my interests, be sure to post to one of my journal entries or catch me on AIM!

Friends Beware!

Want to be my friend? All you have to do is ask! Simply post in my most recent journal entry and you'll usually be added within a day or 2. I don't always see if ppl have added me. Sowwy :(

Astrological Section


The Bull, as befits an Earth sign, is a grounded and devoted sort, but that should never be construed as boring. Remember that Bulls can charge! Taurus generally wants a harmonious and beautiful relationship, given as they are to a fondness for pretty things. Whether it's a sweet serenade or silky sheets, Taurus loves anything luxurious and anyone who can bring that aspect into their lives. Does this make the Bull all style and no substance? Not at all: Taureans are sentimental, romantic and possessed of a dogged determination which virtually assures that they will get what they want. Keeping the Bull feeling good is the best guarantee of a considerate lover, one who will work hard on a relationship filled with sensual pleasures.
abacoa, adventure, alternative, amd, aquariums, astronomy, atb, avenged sevenfold, ayumi hamasaki, battle, beach, being with friends, biking, billiards, biology, black, blacklights, boating, bowling, brainbench, bullet for my valentine, canoeing, castles, citgo, college, combat, combat simulators, comedy, command & conquer, comptia, computer science, computers, coral, counter-strike, crabs, custom computers, cyber tek, delta force, demons, descent, diablo, digital world, diving, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreamweaver, dsl, dynamix, education, fau, fish, fishing, fl, florida, florida atlantic university, fun, ghosts, glow, glow sticks, half-life, hobe sound, horror, ice skating, incense, information systems, java, jupiter, lexus, love, marine biology, mechwarrior, mephisto, mercenaries, mini golf, movies, music, myth, n400, north palm beach, ocean, oceanography, padi, paintball, painting, palm beach, palm beach gardens, party, partying, paul van dyke, pbcc, pc design, pc repair, phi theta kappa, pikachu, pool, portuguese water dog, psychadelic, rave, red, relaxing, robert miles, rock, roller blading, roller skating, romance, rx300, rx330, rx400h, saltwater aquariums, samsung, sci-fi, sealife, security exploits, sex, shrimp, sierra, simcity, skating, snorkeling, space, space hulk, space ships, spirits, sprintpcs, star trek, star wars, stars, starseige, stuart, super soaker, swimming, talking, techno, technology, tennis, the beach, three days grace, trading spaces, trance, type o negative, ufo, videophone, voyager, war, water, water parks, web design, west palm beach, westwood