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PikaDemon's World
As the world turns...
Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers?

It's been quite a few years since being on LiveJournal. I had thought of converting this to a journal for my Druidic spiritual work. I've thought about posting random things here...I'm not sure. I don't even know if anyone reads this or would read it. Life's morphed over an over, looking at the past posts, I am unsure where it will lead next. I guess we'll see. Perhaps I'll start with downloading the LJ app and take it from there. Until next time.

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Zap Someone
It's been a long couple of weeks...

I decided to run for the Board of Directors in my community. I don't know how that is going to turn out, but tonight is candidates night and we're supposed to meet and discuss what we would do in certain situations. I'm assuming smacking ppl on the head with frying pans is not a viable answer so I don't quite know what I'll say haha! I'm sure I'll post more about this after tonight.

Dad's got his anger misdirected at me again....it's amazing how he screws up and takes t out on me all the time. I can deal with many different types of stress and even learned to adapt to changes in different stress patterns. However, this is one type of stress I just can't deal with well....my whole body goes out of whack when he yells at me, especially when I know he's wrong or he's lying. He never wants to listen to me and blames every bad thing with the business on me. Meanwhile, truth be told, he is at the root of every bad deal that has happened in the past few months and I'm the one that gets dumped on over it. Often I wonder, if the economy wasn't in such shit....would I still be here?

Not to say I could be happy at a different job at this stage in my life. My job is enjoyable for the most part...I look forward to being in here in the morning and even though it's almost an 11 hour day, 5 days a week plus 8 hours on Saturday, I usually go home and unwind knowing that accomplishments were made during the day. Plus, if I were to leave and have to start over somewhere else, I'd probably have to either give up the house or just stop eating LOL.

Add a stomach bug to this equation and you can see I'm pretty down and out today. When I feel like this I wish I could just stay home...

Until next time...

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Zap Someone
We've all said something mean at some point in our lives. We may not be bullies but we may not always be nice. Write an apology to someone you've hurt in past.

Dear opposing player;

I'm sorry for consistently fraggin' your tail in online games ;-)



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Zap Someone
So it seems that I am now restoring some old things I used to enjoy.  Along with my return to LJ, I also finally found a way to get in to my old ICQ account.  I've been trying for years to get in and finally it just pop and let me in!  Perhaps it's just my time of the year :-p  I do have a halloween party coming up and I am sooooo excited!!!!!!! I dubbed it the 'I survived the apocalypse' party.  Partly because of some wacko who said Friday October 21, 2011 would be the end of the world.  Right...  Woot! 

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Zap Someone
Boy, it's been a very very very long time...I know I've moved to different LJ's over time, but I just can't abandon the original!!!  I'll probably go through and delete some old memories I wish not to relive, and then perhaps use this again as a way to just vent like I used to.  I'm tired of posting to facebook and Twitter is stupid.  LJ is my original home.  It's time to come back :-p 

Fortunately LJ has an app for that, yay Andriod! :)

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Well, I made my 17hour drive to NJ. I'm in a nice apartment in Fort
Lee. I'm tired, my back aches, and I'm now on the search for new local

Yesterday I arrived in NJ at approx 10am. I started
unpacking and getting my stuff where I need it. That night I went to
Aldo & Gianni's for dinner with my Aunt. I didn't get to sleep
until about 1:30am. note: I was up from 9am the day before so do the
math....9am Friday - 1:30am Sunday = 40.5 hours straight that I was
awake and actually full of energy to that last second of 1:30am when I
kinda forced myself to sleep. Of course my friend Alli didn't help :-P

was nice. I continued unpacking and have only a couple small things
left to unpack. I went to dinner at a family friend's place. An
Italian Xmas dinner....need I say more? XD I'm stuffed &
exhausted. Dad flew in and got there late but thats ok, less
competition on the hors d'oveurs (sp?). They have a dog that is sooooo
adorable. Since I can't play with my Shayna anymore I told them I would
probably be over a lot to play with their dog. I miss my Shayna
sooooooooo much. /cry I just want to lay next to her and cuddle her.

I'm about to pass out so I will cut short here. I have to goto work
tomorrow....gotta be up @ 6am and won't be home until 6:30 or
7pm....it'll be one long damn day....well, I'll be back here to yap good
or bad about it if I'm not so exhausted that I pass out.

Until next time ;-)

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Zap Someone
Yeah so I got sick just before my trip....figgures huh? I don't have a
full blown cold or anything though. it was more like a 24hr bug. I
decided to unpack my lappy just so i could come on here and complain
about not being able to sleep :-P

In the meantime I'm watching
Adult Swim. I will miss my friends down here, but if they really
are/were my friends I am sure they will KiT one way or another.

Well, I should try and get some sleep even if I can't....I have a busy few
days ahead of me. If you want, feel free to call my cell Friday night
or Saturday morning to make sure I'm still awake on the road....I will
be on the road from 5pm Friday until about 7am Saturday.

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Zap Someone
I'm tired of being what you want me to be
Feeling so faithless lost under the surface
Don't know what you're expecting of me
Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)
Every step that I take is another mistake to you
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)

I've become so numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much more aware
I'm becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

Can't you see that you're smothering me
Holding too tightly afraid to lose control
Cause everything that you thought I would be
Has fallen apart right in front of you
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)
Every step that I take is another mistake to you
(Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow)
And every second I waste is more than I can take

I've become so numb I can't feel you there
I've become so tired so much more aware
I'm becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

And I know
I may end up failing too
But I know
You were just like me with someone disappointed in you

I'm getting a little over-anxious about my move. I received my PTK Alumni
Certificate so I am now considered a founder in that chapter! I am very
happy about that. I really wanted to see it go through but I had to
fight with so many people just to get it started and I didn't even get
the glory of seeing the first ceremony for PTK Alum @ Mac Arthur.
Ohwell...I'll be up north soon. A new adventure. I'll finally find out
who I really am...I'll be working a lot so I'll make plenty of
money...I hope...I'll only have 1 day a week to do anything which kinda
sucks...6am-6pm 6 days a week. This means I'll be up at 5am every day
and since I know dad likes to go out and have a good time I may not be
getting home and to bed until midnight sometimes even 1 or 2am...Talk
about a party life...Well, this is the way I chose to continue my life.
I can choose to do otherwise, but you know what....If I work my ass off
now, just maybe I can relax a little when I'm older and not live
paycheck to paycheck as I see many people doing nowadays. Well, I'm off
to continue my packing. I gotta get done already so i can enjoy what
little relaxing I have left. L8rz!
Zap Someone
Hey everyone!

I'm gonna start with the sad stuff, go to the happy stuff then back to the sad which is seemingly inevitable...I lay here
in my room, on my laptop, with 4 white walls, a bed, and a TV. It's
really white and plain and boring. No posters, no clothes lying around,
nothing... I never really imagined this room ever being like this once I
moved back in. My bathroom in also the same save for some necessities
needed for use before I leave. My office on the otherhand is still a
disaster area! Boxes and belongings thrown all around. The walls are
stripped of my posters and certificates. Only thing still on the wall
is my 2005 Inu Yasha calendar. I should be completely finished packing
by Saturday evening....hopefully...

On the brighter side of life, I spent the whole day today with my PAMMIE!!!! <3 I love her sooooo
much! I showed up around 11am. She was still in her PJs tee hee! Once
Jeanie woke up, we all hung out for a bit and decided to goto the mall.
I don't remember ever going to that mall and of course I forget which
mall it was hahahah! We went to a few different stores...Hot topic,
Suncoast, and a few others. I bought a really cool Inu Yasha shirt,
2006 Inu Yasha Calendar, and an Otaku Staff shirt from Suncoast. Jeanie
bought me a shirt that said "I scored with the princess" and had Mario
dragging the princess across the shirt!!! <3 Jeanie!!! Pammie got me
an Inu Yasha doll for Chanukah(choice of sp?). It has a suction cup so
you can put it in the car, but I think I will curl up in bed with it
tonight! It is sooo cool :) I ended up in tears (well hidden since I'm
a manly man and am not supposed to show weakness :-P) when I had to say
goodbye. I didn't want to let go. I could hold Pam in my arms

I have very few special friends, but the ones I have
are all unique. I guess it's because of my wide view of ppl and open
mind. some of my special friendships are physical, mental, emotional,
cyberiffic, etc... Every one is totally unique from any other. Those
who are in my group of special friends are people who will probably,
hopefully, be in my life forever. Even if the going gets rough and
contact is lost over time, I am almost definite that it will be
re-established throughout my journey called life.

As of right now, my trip to NJ is as follows: Thursday, Dec 22nd, I will leave my
house sometime in the morning...I hope no later than 9 or 10am. If
possible I will stop in O-town to say hi to Carlie!!!! Then off to Ocala
to spend the rest of the day and part of Friday with Laura and
Jason!!!! Friday, depending ont he time I leave, should be roughly 12-14
hours to NJ depending on traffic, weather, my attention span, and if I
make any other detours to see ppl. I should arrive in NJ sometime early
to mid morning on Saturday the 24th. I have no problem making the trip
by myself. I actually look forward to it. i will have my cell phone
and earpiece so I can talk for hours to anyone wanting to talk :) Be
sure to call me the night of the 23rd morning of the 24th if you should
be awake during the wee hours so you can help keep me awake as well :P

I have hundreds of thoughts zipping through my mind now. What will I do?
Where will I go? What will I make of myself? Is this all worth it? Will
I ever find true happiness? will I end up living to work or keep
working to live? So many questions, so few answers. These don't even
begin to scratch the surfae of what my mind wants to know...

With that, I say goodnight all and Happy Holidays in the event that I don't or can't post before my trip.

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Zap Someone
Well, I'm excited to get a move on outta Florida! My stay in FL (9
years) is now over and I will be returning to the life of a city boy. I
must say, being a country boy wasn't bad...I did a lot down here and
have a lot of good memories that I will take with me!!! There's no doubt
that I will be lost up north, atleast the first 2-3 weeks while I
adjust to the climate, changed roads and ifrastructure, different
people, and overall environment. No more class schedules! No more
annoying professors blabbing about stuff they really don't know about!
No more written exams! Best of all, I will get money for showing up to
work rather than paying money to show up to class. Next time I pay
money to have to show up somewhere it better yield a high return or come
with a blowjob...

yeah... So I just threw out 3 of those huge
black trashbags of stuff that I no longer needed or didn't want to bring
on my trip up or even put in storage. I'm trimming down everything! I
haven't found anything particularly useful or I would save it and give
it to anyone who may need it. I'm still trying to figgure out what to
do with my aquarium. I will ask a neighbor if she wants anything from
the tank. I fear I may just have to drop everything off at the pet shop
and tell them to have a good time with it. I will miss them very much

Basically I'm 50% packed in my office and 75% packed in my
bedroom. ALMOST DONE! The hardest part is making that decision to keep
or get rid of...

I am trying to keep myself available until the
21st in case anyone wants to hang out before I leave. Here's some stuff
for you to know:

http://www.livejournal.com/users/onyxravine/ -deleted
AIM & AOL Mail:

you want my cell number, grab me online or send me a message and I'll
give it to you. Time to get back to packing! Catch ya later!


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Zap Someone
Yeah, so I have about 16 boxes spread between my bedroom and office. It's INSANE! I never thought packing would be so crazy.

gets a little difficult at times. Once in a while I find something
from the past, whether it be from a relationship, friendship, activity,
whatever and I sit and think for a few mins about the good and bad times
associated with it and the people involved. I'm trying not to stay too
attached to stuff I really don't need, but it is difficult to let go
sometimes and I just want to keep everything! I found a picture of me
and Brian from my induction into Phi Theta Kappa. I was soooo happy
that night! I couldn't have asked for anyone else to be there that
night. I really miss him a lot! I also found some other stuff laying
around... a dragon kris from one of my ex's at Stetson (not sure if I
will keep this or not....I probably will since I like swords and daggers
and the sort. I found various pictures of me and past friends...many
of whom I lost contact with after highschool and after Stetson. Even
some more recently from PBCC. I guess I'm a little bit of a packrat. I
like to hold onto everythign even if I know I must let go sometimes.

of letting go....the most difficult thing for me to let go of will be
my aquarium. Some ppl tell me fish aren't a pet cause you can't pet
them or hug them, etc... I find this quite to the contrary. Maybe my
fish are special, but mine will play around if you stick your hand in
the tank, my shrimp will come play and jump from finger to finger if you
let them glide along the surface. Watching new corals blossom and
seeing all the small critters that inhabit cracks in the rocks and only
come out at night is just so fascinating! Feeding time is always
exciting!!! I guess you have to own an aquarium to understand... I've
had my fair share of tanks....It all started with a 10 gallon tank at
Stetson and gosh darnit now I'm up to 55gallons with an abundance of

I notice i mention Stetson a lot lately...I don't
really know why...maybe it's because it was one of the more exciting
times in my life until I started boxing myself in up there. I have a
habit of doing that and I really don't like it. Just when things start
getting exciting, something goes majorly wrong and i box up and close
out the world. I guess I look to my move as a way to start life
over...a clean start with new people, new environment, etc...

enough talking about my move... Mom and I took a bike ride (bicycles
not motorcycles) around the community today. We're spending more time
together most likely because of my move (doh I mentioned moving again!).
I know I'll miss her, but I'm at a point in my life where I want to
make money, be able to go out and have a good time, and come home either
by myself or with someone else and not have to worry about my folks
being in the house. I mean seriously....who needs one of your parents
knocking on your door when you want to get laid right?

I will
definately miss my bike (motorcycle this time) when I go up north. Dad
and I are planning a ride in April though to actually ride the bikes
from FL all the way up to NJ. It will probably be a 4 day trip since we
won't do more than 350 miles a day. Your butt will get quite numb
after a while LOL. This will be the test to see if we are real riders
hahahaha! If we can survive 4 days of riding we've got it made. I do
plan on getting involved in the HOG chapter up north, possibly even
running for a position as an officer (since I enjoy being an officer in
clubs and group stuff. A little surprising since I hate political

Well, I'm off to pack more again...I can't wait till
I'm done! Then all I will have left is one little bag to trow in the
car of whatever clothes aren't packed that I will still wear for the
next 2 weeks. Catch y'all l8r!


Emotional Output: anxious anxious
Boombox Presents: The humm of my computers and aquarium pumps...

Zap Someone
Hey everyone!

Unlike the simplicity of the subject, This is
actually quite the post! There is a lot going on in my life and now
that I'm crawling out of the hole in the ground I dug myself into, I
have a very positive outlook on the future.

Yesterday I paid a
visit to my local U-Haul store and bought a bunch of boxes, all
different sizes. I already packed 90% of my clothes in boxes ready for
my move. For those who don't yet know, I am moving to NY/NJ as soon as
this semester is over. I am finally going to start my life, anew! I
will be up in NY, working in my father's business, finally making a
decent paycheck and enjoying the finer things in life. Seriously
though, how could I complain? Florida (no offense to anyone who likes
it) is nothing but a flattened out wasteland for old people to die.
There is nothing here for me(friends not included). In NY, I will stay
in my dad's apartment until I can afford my own place (or possibly in my
own place depending on how things play out, not te mention my dad will
only be there every other week so it's like having my own place), I am
single, good looking, have a great future, and have the flex to do my
own business deals aside from just the store. I've already dreamed
about the house I want and all the things I will do to it when I can
afford to do so :) I know I will meet lots of people out there...I had
some nightmares as well like my Aunt taking me to clubs all the time
trying to hook me up with ppl....LOLZ! I guess things sometimes work
out for the best. Even if the journey is painful the pit stops along
the way are usually rewarding.

So I've given up on
graduating...I will pass 3 of my 5 classes this term. I needed to pass
all 5 to graduate. Whatever...Academia is the biggest waste of a
person's time there is. This may not be the same in other states, but
in Florida, academics are a joke....You have a bunch of professors with
Doctorate degrees that never had any real world business experience.
They teach you by the book, which is often wrong, they try to make a
simulation, which often fails, and they count attendance as if you were a
fucking 8 year old in elementary school. Spare me. My order of
priorities is Family, Income, Education, Fun, and with my moving up
north, simply remove the education and we're all set. Anyway, Florida
will end up burying itself with it's totally retarded legal and
educations systems which I will no longer talk about.

WOW! Yeah I can't leave out World of Warcraft! I run a guild called Terminal Corruption. http://www.terminalc.net
is the website. I invite anyone who has a Horde character on the
Gorefiend server to join my guild. We will be ready for ZG soon and
hopefully MC not long after.

One last thing I would like to
talk about before I go....my dad. I know I've bitched and moaned about
my folks and how they've treated me in the past, but you know
what....they're alright. Sure, mom still thinks I'm her 6 year old
baby, but she wouldn't be much of a mo if she didn't right? Now dad,
that's a whole other story. Lately he's shown me a great deal of
respect and I've been flattered and shocked by it. He often asks me how
I feel about certain decisions and even takes my advice!!! We were in
the cigar store the other day and he asked me which one I wanted...of
course I laughed thinking he was joking, but he gave me one of his and
we sat and had a smoke. It really felt good to sit at an even level
with him and not feel like he was talking down to me or trying to push
rules on me. I look forward to spending lots of time with him up north.

Well, that's all for tonight! Everyone please be safe and drink responsibly! If needed, get a designated driver!!!!


Emotional Output: optimistic optimistic
Boombox Presents: TV: AMV Sailor Moon - Moonlight Shadows

Zap Someone
I dunno why, but this song really impacts me emotionally... Not sure
what it is, but any of you who know me and know the song might be able
to pinpoint wht i find hidden within this song...

Anyways, I have
to extend a special thank you to <lj user=MoonBelle> for
listening to me today. It was much appreciated :) I will let you know
when I have to go down to Boca and we'll hang out!

Well, I have stuff I need to do for my Counter-Strike:Condition Zero team now...hit me up on AIM if any of you need me!

Emotional Output: calm calm
Boombox Presents: Evanescence - Bring me to life

Zap Someone
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2004, 17:35
Ok, so I'm 2 days late...lol. Been busy with turkey day and all so I didn't have time to post.

So, I beat Half Life 2 in 2 days. It was pathetic. Sure the graphix were out of this world, but the storyline had much to be desired, some areas were just long and boring, and the ending was not much dfferent from the original Half Life. Overall, I give HL2 a C and don't really think it was worth buying the gold package and I also don't think it was worth the 1 1/2 year delay.

In other realms, I now have World of Warcraft! WoW is all I can say! WC3 graphix which are cool. I have a lvl 13 Night Elf Druid on the Earthen Ring server and a lvl 10 Taurean Druid on Argent Dawn. I gave a shot to all three different types of servers and found the RPG to be the most stimulating. There are oodles of quests to do and tons of things to see. Servers have been for the most part stable with the exception of outages to maintenance which can boil your bubble if you're really into a quest.

Enough with the games, so here's the latest scoop in life...

Wednesday night was my parent's 32nd anniversary. Amazing how they stayed together for so long. I only hope the rest of their years together can be at peace and not in war. Oh, one thing substantial did happen tonight. I drank some wine that was as old as I am...I'm born in 1981, this wine was born in 1982. It was actually super good! Anyone for a guess on the price? lol It was up there!

I went to my grandma's for Turkey dinner and of course my mother didn't go. Yet another split Thanksgiving on the day people are supposed to be together as families. It went well. My grandma though I was sad and approached me about it. I didn't understand why she thought that. I mean it's a little tough having been out of the loop for so long and now being submerged into it again. Everyone welcomed me there, so I had no reason for shyness or upset feelings that I could think of.

Tonight I am going to "The Club" for the first time in a long time for dinner. It's Prime Rib night...and all I want is a friggin salad...rabbit food. If it was convenient and cheap enough, I would eat salad 2-3 times a day, but meat is all too easy to get. Whether it be turkey, chicken, steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, pork chops, etc... you see where I'm going... And often times a big greasy hamburger is half the price of a small salad. That reall cooks my noodle cause salad is dirt cheap and preparation is nothing (unless I have to make it) :-P

Well, I'm off to dinner. Cya!

Emotional Output: happy happy

Zap Someone
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2 canary moonbelles.
And a elarose in a tomato tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
Zap Someone
Today sucked. It was all grey and icky... Bad start to a day.

So, I got home around 3am. I watched Adult Swim at Misty's place. A bunch of other ppl were there too. After getting home, I ended up laying in bed with my lappy working on a school project until like 5 am. I didn't seem to get a whole lot accomplished. I still had Adult Swim on, so I got to watch everything a second time. lol. Mom came by at 5am to check if I got home or was possibly dead on a sidewalk somewhere. I dunno. She worries and cares and I know that. She's just wierd. So at first she was like it's 5am...goto bed. But then she changed and started talking to me a little. Nothing overly important just chatter, which is nice cause we usually don't talk much. I finally got to bed at around 5:30am.

Rise and shine at 7:30! lol a whopping 2 hours of sleep. I cleaned up most of my office. There's still a bunch of stuff on my desk and behind it, but otherwise everythign else is neat :)

The sky was grey and sad. I wanted to take some friends out on my boat. Needless to say, that never happened. I guess it's ok though. I ended up getting a few more things taken care of at home and went to a group meeting for Marketing. We pretty much finished out presentation. It's great! I'm certain we'll have the highest project grade in the class.

I made a promise to myself in the past and up until now I've been quite good at keeping it. I swore that I wouldn't drink when I'm sad or upset. I don't have the tendancies to become alcoholic, in fact I'm not really a fan of it at all. It's just nice to have once in a while socially. I am going to try and cut it out again (with excetion to wine with dinner and the occasional social drink).

My ex and I started bickering over AIM tonight. I have some work to finish at her aunt's apartment. No biggie....should take 30 minutes to finish. I tried as I could to be civil, but she keeps wanting to talk about the issues we had. We didn't have issues...she had issues. I did all that I could to salvage our relationship and even in retrospect, there is nothing more I could have possibly done to make things better. On that note, I will end this topic as I have no desire to talk about the past, and am moving forward in life. I promised friendship and will stick with my promise. I never said what degree of friendship and if I'm made sad, aggravated, or unhappy by her that promise is no longer valid.

Oh, for those of you who take the time to read my journal, I may be making some friends only posts. If and when that time comes, be sure to let me know you want to be added to my friends list and I'll add you!

So, now I'm off to write an email to a friend who I have interest in and I will try to explain my recent feelings in some comprehensive manner instead of a mumble jumble of mixed ideas and emotion.

I think I'm ready to place the past there, keep it as a reference and not let it disrupt my future. I have a lot to live for and a great future after school...The transition will be a rough one, but atleast I know in the end I will be financially secure if nothing else.

Oh, one last thing. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my friends both new and old who have been there for me in my time of need. I'm out of the rut and moving forward and it's because of the positive support/recommendations/feedback from you that helped me become the positive, bubbly person I usually am! YAY! So, now I'm off to write an email, think happy thoughts, and see where life takes me...or if I take life somewhere XD

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Zap Someone
Well, I'm decided to lock down my assets and prepare for the worst...

So, I think I will have a class to retake next term. How shitty.... Ohwell we'll see as it all depends on the final exam.

So I'm now on the prowl and hunting. yay! Wonder who I might come upon in the future :) I already have a target in view, but I don't thikn she feels the same way...The potential may be there though and we'll see how things play out.

I'm so excited!!!! I saw Ashley last night! I missed her soooooo much! Gotta play catchup with her soon....she owes me some hangout time lol!!!

I'm relieved that Jeanie is ok! I wish you well on your exams! I know you can do it :)

So, my parents both now know that Izzy and I broke up. In a way it's kind of relieving. Mom was understanding and for a moment, Dad wasn't talking down to me and was compassionate and caring. Mom keeps bugging me for the details...I dunno what to tell her. All I can say is we went our seperate ways and that's just how it is. I guess in a way I've known for a long time this would happen and just didn't want to admit it.

Oh! I'm gonna head over to campus tonight. I was told to bring my N64....lol I'm a game whore hahahah! I'm also going to the Sabbath Dinner tonight sponsored by Hillel on campus. That should be exciting!

Lastly for now...my ex keeps wondering why I act wierd aroud her... Lets see it wouldn't happen to be because she shoveled shit in my face when I offered her the world now would it? I promised I would be civil and even try to act as a friend, but at this point in time it is very difficult, especially with so many things going on. Of course I'm distancing my self from her. If I meet someone new I don't want to start a relationship with the person wondering about my intetions and if I would go back to her at any random time. I would think if she had the intention of being understanding she would understand that we have 4 classes together and are both officers of a campus club and it is difficult for me to deal with such massively mixed emotions.

Well, anyways SWM23FL here if anyone's interested :-P More info is on the profile!

-Pika out

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No new buildups in my life today....it's been a dreary day. It was beautiful this morning so I took my bike to school....It rained...Had to ride home in the rain....water 50mph = pain on face...

I might just goto campus in a little bit to hang out. I will meet up with Rachel to see if my lappy will play some of her animes and to discuss open house this weekend where I just might dress up as inuyasha again to promote our club...We'll see lol! Sofar I'll only do it if someone else does it too...It would be nice to have a Kagome or Sango or Kikyo around, heck or someone from any other anime to help :-P

Ok, so here's some quizzes I took today:

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
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Halloween Costumes by Karen_Walker
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You're proud to say that you're pro-choice on absolutely everything!

You are 87% Taurus

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Well, first off, Happy Birthday elarose! :) ::glomps::

So, I spent a few hours in the Burrow today. Played a lot of Super smash Bros!!! I love that game! I got there early in anticipation of meeting moonbelle today. I just about gave up on waiting, but couldn't leave since I was supposed to be in a study group in the early afternoon....3ish I think it was.

We're working on a marketing/repositioning strategy for Kmart. It sure beats the other groups projects though. So we did or whole study group thingymadingy... not long after we finished ecob came by and started talking to me. We watched some AMVs until the rest of the study group left.

Not logn after that Pam came by!!! Along with Pam came Jeanie!!!!!!! and a few other ppl. I was pretty excited to see Jeanie as I thought she either forgot I was in the Burrow or decided to withdraw her intentions and just not show up at all. We all gathered around the N64 and everyone tried to bring me down....lol. Pikachu is superior...Fear teh Pika! It was a little uncomfortable having everyone around and not really being able to talk to Jeanie... I did get a hug before she left (either i didn't creep her out or she is good at hiding it, lol) and it was a very warm hug... Different from most I've received in the past. We finally started talking a little and of course everyone else wanted to leave and they dragged her away with them :( Ohwell...I do believe I heard "see you this weekend" so that was a good sign :-D

Time to check up on the weather channel and make sure it will be a nice weekend still :) If I can I want to go out both days (Sat & Sun), but we'll see...I also have to figgure out who is coming...

P.S. Thanks for all the AMV's Misty! :-D

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LJ Icons and life....

November 15, 2004, 14:27
Ok, first things first....I have seen lots and lots of new icons lately!!!! I've decided to go and make some of my own. I haven't done it in a while but we'll see how it works out :) So if anyone would like an icon, please post here and I will do my best. If you have a certain picture you want as an icon I can do that too. A saying? sure I can do that too. lol. I will do still icons for now and move onto moving icons after I get about 10 still onces done.

As for life, This weekend was fun and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I do need to finish my computer project though...lol. I took my motorcycle to class today. GOD I LOVE THAT THING! I mean it isn't a necessity in life, but the ride is so good and refreshing. It definately helps relieve stress and helps me feel more optimistic.

WOW! ok.....so like I'm in the eternal search for a job that I would be happy with....I figgured for shits and giggles I would post a resume online...Never though i'd get anything beyond telemarketing replies....I finally got a HIT! A lady called me, representative from Belkin, and asked if I would be interested in working for her in a CompUSA store. The one right here in WPB (Okeechobee Blvd) I was kinda like I guess...lol Then she hit me with the pay. She wants to offer me $15/hr starting pay for part time flexible hours. I was like OMFG WTF WTFHYB!!!! So I fell in love...of course not letting her know that I had to play it cool and was liek ok so when shall we meet, etc.... So my interview is on Dec 7th. Long time away, but the way I see it is I'll be able to finish off the semester and get a few other things taken care of in the meantime. Plus she really only asked if I could work up to 3 days a week. Not such a bad thing :-D Next semester's schedule rocks and maybe I can pickup more days/hours if it is a stimulating job. It'll also help me keep from being stir crazy at times.

Ok, so that's today! I'm going to teach one of my clients how to use their computer by voice instead of clicking XD THIS WILL BE FUN FUN FUN!!!!! I love stuff like this! I'm outta here for now. Cya!

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